Sober simplicity with elaborate refinement and good taste. Comedouro Comedouro Classic refinement with the most modern relaxation. The “perfectly perfect” marriage of innovation and tradition. Comedouro
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I'm from Porto and I work in Madrid. Friends from Porto and colleagues in Madrid, insisted a lot on visiting this restaurant as soon as possible. I loved it, congratulations.

Hugo Reis

From hearing so many recommendations, I decided to book, come and check it out. Result? Amazing! It far exceeded the best expectations. Thanks for everything Nicola!

Liliana Cardoso

The best surprise over this weekend in Lisbon was the discovery of this restaurant. Everything was so perfect that I gained one more reason to return to Portugal!

João Paulo Volker
our specialities

These are the specialties that have delighted our friends and customers from all over the world.

Our food philosophy


Here, that nobody hears us…. see these “secrets”, that you should not miss!

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